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Sisters Mercantile our ORIGINAL LINE of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are handmade with 5000 Gauss magnetic clasps. Our single strands have one 5000 Gauss magnet clasp plus magnetic beads while double strands have 2 – 5000 gauss  magnetic clasps; it is jewelry with a purpose. When you wear our Oringinal  Jewelry, the only thing you have to lose is pain, and you are also wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry.

What about magnetic Hematite?:

Hematite is an iron ore highly popular in bead and jewelry designs. Nearly all Hematite beads on the market are man made materials (ours too), but are still an iron ore and have the same chemical make up as natural hematite. The name Hematite stems from the greek word “Haem” for blood as natural hematite holds a reddish tint, while commercially available hematite beads do not. Hematite has been used for eons, even by pre-historic man for cave paintings. Man Made Hematite is often magnatized and used in magnetic therapy jewelry. Hematite beads look great with Swarovski crystal or fire polished beads!


It is important that you get a correct measurement when ordering your jewelry. We measure from magnet to magnet. When you measure your wrist or ankle, you do not want to take a tight measurement. You must allow for some slack in the measurement. It is better for it to be a little loose rather than too tight. If an anklet or bracelet is too tight you run the risk of losing it when you flex and open the magnetic clasp.


We want you to make sure that you order a size that will be comfortable for you or else you will not wear your bracelet every day as recommended to benefit from the magnetic therapy. To determine the correct size, place an index finger on the underside of the wrist and measure around the wrist and index finger. This will give you the smallest size to order.


When measuring your ankle, measure where you want the jewelry to set on your ankle. For comfort reasons, it is better not to have the anklet rest below the anklebone.

Of course we can custom make any size you need.

Please email me for any custom sizes or orders


Our  web site uses PayPal and For  checks and money order include, stock number, size, address and daytime phone number in case we have any questions on your order.

Use & Care Information:

For medicinal We recommend wearing your jewelry 24 hours a day, even in bed to get the most benefit from the magnetic therapy.

Please do not wear your jewelry in water. The magnetic clasps are double and triple coated but water can start to remove the coating. The magnets will still be effective but won’t look as nice. The line that we use to string the jewelry can start to deteriorate and even break. We recommend taking your jewelry off when showering bathing, swimming, hot tubing, etc.

Please do not wear your jewelry next to a watch. The magnets are so strong that we have had reports of batteries draining or watches being affected in three days or less.

If you bought our jewelry for medicinal reason

The degree of relief will vary with each person. Some people reported pain relief like a switch being clicked off and they received immediate relief once wearing magnetic. Other customers have reported gradual relief over time. Some people’s bodies can pick up magnetic therapy quite quickly – in seconds or in minutes and they might feel strange when first wearing them. If it makes you uncomfortable, take it slowly by wearing them just a few minutes the first few days. Then wear them longer over time. Some people can feel more sensitive in the area that they are wearing magnetic jewelry

Warranty & Repair:

We will repair your piece of jewelry if it should ever become broken. We use materials that surpass normal jewelry standards in order to ensure longevity. Jewelry should not break unless uncommon stress is put upon it or is repeatedly wetness or extreme moisture. As each of our pieces are custom made, we are only able to offer an exchange on unworn merchandise.


If you have a piece of jewelry that needs to be repaired or restrung, please send any beads that you have along with the string and magnets. Please indicate what size it should be when repaired as well as a description of the design. Also include daytime phone # if case we have any questions. Please send to us in a padded envelope – the US postal equipment is magnetic and jewelry will stick to their equipment when it is sorted, then we will get an empty envelope and have nothing to repair.
Replacement Magnets:

If your magnets are becoming worn, we can replace them with a new set of magnets. The charge is $5.00 for a single stand, and $8.00 for a double strand


Periodically we recommend wiping the contact ends of the magnets to prevent particles of dust from collecting and causing the magnets to close improperly. Using a piece of duck tape or Wiping vigorously on a piece of cloth usually does the trick. You can also use a dry toothbrush to clean out the inside of the magnets or between the beads. We do not recommend using any liquids.


Shipping and Handling:

We will have your order delivered by US Postal Service unless other arrangements have been made. Shipping is generally $3


Magnetic therapy is considered by many experts to be a safe, non-invasive form of pain therapy. Although no medical claims can be made concerning its benefits. Our magnetic products are NOT being sold as medical devices or to be used in place of professionally prescribed medical treatment. If you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker or any other electrical implant or device for medical reasons of any kind, please consult your doctor before wearing any magnetic products. If you have any concerns regarding the use of magnetic, consult your doctor before use.